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France's Arsenal VG-33 fighter



Development of the Arsenal VG-33 started in 1937.2

Construction of the Arsenal VG-33 was wood.1,2 The VG-33 was a low wing fighter plane.2


The VG-30 first flew on October 1, 1938 at Villacoublay.1

The VG-33 first flew in spring 1939.1,2


An order was placed for 820.1

Manufacturing was done at the Chantiers Aéro-Maritimes de la Seine at Sartrouville.1 By May 1940 there were only 12 completed and 160 more were in the process of being constructed.1,2

  • Arsenal VG-33:
    • Manufacturer: Arsenal de l'Aéronautique2


  • Arsenal VG-30: Prototype.1 First of series.1
  • Arsenal VG-31: Prototype.1 Smaller wing surface.1
  • Arsenal VG-32: Prototype.1 Same wing size as VG-30.1 Had Allison V-1710-C15 engine with a supercharger (1,054 HP).1
  • Arsenal VG-33: Production model.1
  • Arsenal VG-34: Prototype.1 Had a Hispano-Suiza engine (910 HP).1 Could go 327 mph / 575 kph at 20,395' / 6,200 m.1
  • Arsenal VG-35: Prototype.1 Had a more powerful engine.1
  • Arsenal VG-36: Prototype.1 Had modified radiator and landing gear.1
  • Arsenal VG-39: Prototype.1 Had a Hispano-Suiza 12Z engine (1,280 HP).1 Had six MGs.1 Had a modified wing.1


Never became operational.2


  Arsenal VG-331,2
Type Fighter1,2
Crew 11,2
Engine (Type) Hispano-Suiza 12Y2, Hispano-Suiza 12Y311
Cylinders V 121,2
Cooling Liquid1,2
Net HP 8601,2
Propeller blades  
Span 35' 5"1,2
10.8 m1
Length 28' 4"1,2
8.64 m1
Height 10' 10"1,2
3.3 m1
Wing area  
Loaded 6,393 lb1,2
2,896 kg1
Speed @ 17,060' /
5,200 m
347 mph1,2
558 kph1
Service ceiling 36,090'1,2
11,000 m1
Range 745 miles1,2
1,200 km1
Armament 1: 20 mm1,2
4: MG2
Wings 4: 7.5 mm MG1


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